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Bachelor of Arts - BWL Industrial (DHBW - Dualen Hochschule, Baden-Württemberg. Mosbach)

Course Requirements

  • Specific course requirements are laid down by the high school and basically pertain to academic qualifications achieved within Germany. However, further information is available from their homepage: DHBW, Mosbach.

Students should, apart from a basic interest in the business aspects and the practical implementation of theoretical concepts, be able to demonstrate a high degree of social competence i.e. Team spirit and customer orientation.

The practical implementation of theoretical concepts requires a particularly high degree of analytical thought and the ability to conceive of complex abstractions. Particular economical studies are not, however, stipulated for a successful study course.

Time Frame

The course takes exactly 3 years and cannot, normally, be extended.


  • In the course of the year, the student can expect to spend 24 weeks in his company and 24 weeks at the high school.
  • Study and practical phases change during the course on a 12 week basis.
  • The theoretical semester is absolved at the Dualen Hochschule, Baden-Württemberg, Mosbach (DHBW).

The course

In the first two years, the course concerns itself with the important functions of industrial business, including: Marketing, Production, Personnel management, finances and calculations, international business and electronic business. The third year is divided between two of the following subject depending on your own interests and your future place of work:

  • Finance, Controlling
  • Marketing
  • Personnel Controlling
  • Material and Production Controlling
  • International Business Administration
  • Information Management (e-business)

During the course training is offered in social competence via activities for example: in Creativity Techniques Rhetoric, Presentation, Sales Technique and Management Techniques.

Practical Phases

During the practical phases the student gathers ever more experience within his chosen career in the company. Particular emphasis is placed on the utilisation of the theoretical training given by the college, the preconisation and solving of problems in practise.


Bachelor of Arts

Areas of Potential Employment

Given that the qualification indicates a thorough knowledge of his particular trade, he can also claim to have a good grounding in social and methodical competence, over and above a traditionally trained tradesman. The graduate may be seen as qualified for an international career and as a solid basis among future leadership personnel.

The areas of potential commercial employment include: Buyer, Logistics, Finance and Controlling, Personnel Management, Marketing and Sales.

Further Education

Further study for a Master’s degree




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