The name of KWM WEISSHAAR has stood Synonymous with high quality metal work for over 40 years. Starting as a small company in 1979 with 3 employees, we have expanded to now employ over 500, many of whom have qualified either by trade training or an official course of study.

Today, we consider ourselves as problem solvers in all aspects of the sheet metal process chain, and we have established our position in the industry as system suppliers in the following areas: The printing industry, rail vehicle and locomotive manufacturers, air conditioning and clean-room technology, the automobile and in general machine construction. 

Qualified, motivated and dedicated personnel are the basis for the success story of our business.


Regardless of your current situation, whether with years of experience, or just motivated towards taking the first steps into a new career. Please, enquire within.

Career Training

KWM WEISSHAAR offers a glimpse into various training possibilities, e.g.  Technical, Business studies and Computer Technology.

Dual Study Course DHBW (German high school)

Please enquire regarding a High School, dual study course (Business Management or Engineering Studies), organised with
The DHBW here in Mosbach.

School students, hands-on experience

Please enquire regarding school student hands-on options.




KWM Karl Weisshaar Ing. GmbH
Zwingenburgstraße 6-8
74821 Mosbach

Telefon 06261 \ 945-0
Telefax 06261 \ 17568


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