Various investments, such as in a new 220 to 3-metre Amada press brake, a new Lissmac deburring and edge rounding machine or a new 320 to 3-metre Trump press brake.
485 employees


Investment in a new LECHNER 4-roll round bending machine 4160/110 and a new MAKA PM 270 CNC machining centre with 5-axis technology. A new 6KW fibre laser replaces one of our 5KW CO2 lasers.

499 employees


KWM WEISSHAAR is 40 years old. And this is celebrated for two days with a customer day and an open day!

518 employees


Investment in a new lathe with driven tools that also runs in automatic mode, a new machining centre, a new Trumpf punching machine, renovation of our office buildings. Introduction of shop floor management.

501 employees


KWM WEISSHAAR's 10th trade fair presentation in Stuttgart was again very well attended. Thanks to the approval of our customers, we were able to exhibit real "eye-catchers" again this year.

487 employees


All manufacturing possibilities and innovations as well as expert lectures are presented at the Customer Technology Days.

501 employees




The decision has been made: proALPHA will be our future ERP system. The first migrations from structura Nova to proALPHA are planned for 2017.

491 employees



Commissioning of a further 5-axis laser cutting and laser welding system of the type TruLaser Cell 7040. Processing of components up to 15 metres long.


508 employees



Commissioning of a new press brake for the economic bending of small and medium-sized batches. Reconstruction of the pickling plant.


510 employees



Successful re-certification according to DIN 6701-2 (class A2) for bonding in rail vehicle constructions. Exhibitor at InnoTrans in Berlin and for the first time at Swisstech in Basel.


501 employees



Commissioning of another 3D laser system. Re-certification according to DIN EN ISO 3834-2 and DIN EN 15085-2 CL1 for welding of rail vehicles and parts.


510 employees



Re-certification according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008. Commissioning of a blasting plant with a steel grit cabin and a stainless steel abrasive cabin. Investment in another welding robot.


495 employees







Implementation of a new corporate design. Sheet metal process chain as new slogan. Anniversary days on the occasion of the 30th anniversary. Expansion of the IT infrastructure. Adhesive certification according to DIN 6701-2.



509 employees


Commissioning of the new punching/laser order centre, a high-bay warehouse, a 110 kW photovoltaic system, three new machining centres. Construction of a large welding shop. Move into the new office wing. Introduction of a new drawing management system.


530 employees



Company expansion from 33,400 m² to approx. 57,000 m². Reorganisation of the production areas to optimize the material flow with three additional production halls. Commissioning of a 2nd CNC milling machine in the aluminium profile machining area.


492 employees



Investment in a 6-axis measuring joint arm. Increase in production capacity with an additional punching machine, a CNC milling machine, a longitudinal seam welding machine and an orbital welding machine.


440 employees



Commissioning of a new 5 kW flat laser. A welding and a bending robot follow in the course of the year. Introduction of EDI, reorganisation of the logistics area.


415 employees



Completion and occupation of a production and assembly hall of 1,800 m². Start of aluminium profile processing up to 8,000 mm component length. Certification of our QM system according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2000.


407 employees



Commissioning of a Lauffer deep-drawing press (280 t), spot welding machine in medium-frequency technology (300 kVA), Fasti round bending machine. Rebuilding of the stainless steel pickling plant (fully automatic process).


380 employees



Commissioning of a punch-laser combination TRUMATIC 6000, CNC punch TRUMATIC 5000 with automatic material feed, 4-metre press brake and a four-roll round bending machine.


386 employees



Commissioning of a large painting plant, cleaning and degreasing plant and CNC milling machine. Introduction of TOPLAS in the area of 3D laser programming and CATIA as a further design platform.


377 employees



Completion and start-up of the seventh building section with an area of 2,900 m². Commissioning of the seventh laser system (6 kW).

387 employees



Start and completion of the 6th building section with the start-up occupation of a second warehouse with a floor area of 1,620 m². Commissioning of the third machining centre.


338 employees



Expansion of the assembly for railway technology and start-up of the 6th laser system. 2D design now with CoCreate "ME10" and 3D design with CoCreate "Solid Designer".


341 employees



Expansion of the production with social facilities, warehouse and administration area by 4,700 m², increasing of our machining capacity.


257 employees



Expansion in the field of laser cutting, laser welding and tube cutting.


190 employees


Entry into laser technology with a 5-axis laser cutting system. Design with CAD, HP ME 10 and ME 30.


189 employees


Expansion by 1,250 m² for production and work preparation department.


158 employees


Expansion of the production area and social rooms up to 7,000 m².


90 employees


New factory building with a social and administrative area of 3,500 m². Transformation of the sole proprietorship into the KWM Weisshaar GmbH.


45 employees




Gründung des Unternehmens als Einzelfirma.

3 employees




KWM Karl Weisshaar Ing. GmbH
Zwingenburgstraße 6-8
74821 Mosbach

Telefon 06261 \ 945-0
Telefax 06261 \ 17568


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Process chain: Sheet-metal working in 5 1/2 minutes!


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