Thanks to a very well-trained staff in the quality assurance department, quality is ensured in all areas, from work preparation and incoming goods through production and assembly to outgoing goods.

Our QM system is based on customer requirements, DIN, ISO, EN standards and VDA guidelines. If required, this means carrying out Failure Mode and Effect Analyses (FMEA), creating test plans and test instructions, as well as sample protocols and initial sample test reports. This ensures the quality of new parts or modified articles.

In addition to our skilled workers, we use state-of-the-art testing equipment, such as a 6-axis measuring joint arm, a 3D measuring machine, several height measuring devices and all common standard measuring equipment. These are subject to regular test equipment monitoring in accordance with VDI/VDE/DGQ 2618.

Customers from the rail vehicle construction or the aviation industry require special proof related to their products, e.g. traceability to certain materials or certain test procedures. This is carried out, documented and archived by KWM WEISSHAAR on an order-related basis. Since the middle of the 90's we have been in possession of the railway welding approval DS 952. In the meantime DIN EN 15085-2 applies, which conditions DIN EN ISO 3834 (welding quality requirements for fusion welding of metallic materials).

In addition, KWM WEISSHAAR has the manufacturer's qualifications for welding steel structures (EN 1090-2), for welding aluminium structures (EN 1090-3), as well as the certificate for the manufacture and repair of defence equipment (DIN 2303). A factory production control system has been installed for this purpose and certified according to EN 1090-1. We also cover proof of suitability for bonding rail vehicles and parts (DIN 6701).

DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 

Quality Management System


Handbook of Quality Management



DIN EN ISO 3834-2 

Quality Requirements for Melt Welding of metallic components \ Comprehensive Quality Requirements
PDF 719 kB 


DIN EN 15085 Part 2, Class CL1

Welding of rail vehicle and locomotive parts  


DIN 2303, Q2 / BK1 

Quality requirements for the manufacture and repair of military equipment by welding, brazing and thermal spraying.  


DIN 6701 Part 2, Class A2

Documented Evidence of Conformity, Adhesives for rail vehicle parts


EN 1090-2

Welding of steel structures
class EXC2





EN 1090-3

Welding of aluminium structures
class EXC2 








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