Rail Vehicles / Locomotives

For over 33 years, since the grounding of the company, KWM WEISSHAAR has become a system supplier to the Rail Vehicle / Locomotive market.

Construction Development

  • Staircase and Interior fittings
  • Roof, air ducting system and inner panelling

Bodywork Elements

  • Locomotive motor housing for S-Rails
  • Crash elements
  • Side wall for S-Rails


  • Under floor electronics and switching box containers
  • Oil and compensating reservoir
  • Pre-assembled stainless steel boxes for roof air conditioning units
  • Welded groups for cooling towers
  • Battery boxes

Cooling and Hydraulic Units

  • Under floor cooling units
  • Locomotive, tower cooling units
  • Ventilation units for diesel hydraulic locomotives
  • All-aluminium roof cooling units

Air Ducting Systems

  • Air ducting systems for power units
  • Roof and ducting systems
  • Cable ducts

Interior Fittings / Finnishings

  • Ceilings, arches, window coverings
  • Mid-columns, hand-rails, staircases and interior finishing’s, ceiling systems
  • Seating forms
  • Air ducting systems

Outer Skin Elements

  • Roof fairings and roof box systems
  • Undercarriage openings
  • Roof hoods
  • Doors


Certified Quality

DIN EN 15085 Part 2, Class CL1

Welding of rail vehicle and locomotive parts  


DIN 6701 Part 2, Class A2

Documented Evidence of Conformity, Adhesives for rail vehicle parts





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